Legends from our own lunchtimes

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


It's got to be some sort of reflection of the quality of conversation in Port Macquarie that for the first time this year I failed to take a photograph somewhere around where we had actually slept.  I could of course have fudged it, but it seemed simpler to bend the rules!

With a monster breakfast barely settled, we none the less felt compelled to stop a few hundred k's after leaving Joan and Trevor's for a small energy boost.   The fritters at the big banana were sensational, something approaching those that were once available at the big pineapple we thought.   There was just enough sugar in this little lot to keep us kicking till Ballina as well.

Within cooee of home tonight; their people say the documents are still in preparation, our people have requested them tomorrow.   


Ann said...

That's disgusting. I want one.

cara said...

I'm starving

awkward egg said...

I'm really really jealous. really.

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