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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fresh Local Prawns

Lakes Entrance gave us plenty of reason for reflecting.  The least of them spending twenty dollars for a one minute consultation with an auto electrician who confirmed our magic black box which controls the fridge and other camping things battery is dead.   We already knew that, but confirmation that no fix is available till we get home and have it replaced under warranty was not really what we want to hear.

Thanks to our decision to race home before the forthcoming Easter Holidays, we won't be too disrupted.   It won't be too hard to find powered camping sites between now and then, but impossible once the holidays start.   It's crook really, all these people having holidays can really play havoc with the life we would like to lead!

On the home front, our people are waiting on a call back from their people still, and "the Minister" is going to make an announcement at the end of April.

We hope it's an announcement that the government owns our house.

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Joan Elizabeth said...

If you head up through the west rather than the coast you will have no trouble camping. We were out driving about last Easter with no advance bookings and had no trouble at all. Nearly all the caravan parks were only moderately occupied.

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