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Saturday, March 13, 2010


When in Ballarat we choose to stay at the delightful Ardenlee Traditional Bed and Breakfast, well OK this time we didn't choose, it was foist apon us by some good friends how glad we are that it was!

I'm never one to wax lyrical about lace curtains, but Marian and David have done a sensational restoration job of their home and it's a joy to see a couple getting so much pleasure out of others enjoying their work, so say nothing of their skills as consumate hosts.

Oh that's right, we've already said we love the place, and if we can't sleep under canvas, well this is a close second, so everyone should rush down to Ballarat and give them a hoy.

Tonight is our second night in a bed for ages, after a great day catching up all over the state we have retired to Altona having some terrific family time with our rather extended family whom I have to say, while technically unrelated never let that get in the way of a great reunion.


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Joan Elizabeth said...

All this is a tremendous build up to see what you pick here!

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