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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Time to Fly

Another glorious morning in Beachport and we were tempted to stay just one more day, or perhaps two, specially since it's raining buckets of ice pretty much everywhere in Victoria, but we eventually motivated ourselves to pack up and after another round of farewells, began our amble east.   
Not too far east we thought, and just as well as we seem to be camped right on the edge of another bout of storms reaching across the rest of the state.   We may well be in the only dry spot tonight, but it would be foolish to speak too soon!
It's a public holiday in two states tomorrow, and the population of camping ground at Narrawong will reduce by six hundred in the morning.  Perhaps we'll stick around to see what it's like quiet!


Julie said...

Following on google maps.

Very fast shutter on something below F5.6??

Terrific light ... and lots of patience I'll warrant.

bitingmidge said...

Well analysed Julie! 1/500@5.6

I thought I'd overlook it's faults, because you are right, it took a while to get!

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