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Monday, March 08, 2010

Shall we stay, or shall we go?

The "weather" as they say, is still hanging around to the east of us.  What an annoying misuse of language that is.  We have weather here too, it's just that ours is currently delightful if a little cooler than our sub tropical systems would prefer.
Perhaps we'll stay in Narrawong today.  Maybe we'll backtrack for an hour or two to see what Portland has to offer, we've driven through it often enough after all.  If we were to go, we'd have to contend with the Folk Festival Crowd at Port Fairy as well.

It's half past eight, it's an hour since I took the photo and I'm back in bed, it's warm in the tent and we're surrounded by the sounds of 600 campers slowly stirring and getting ready to pack.

That's it.  

Wild horses couldn't drag us from here today.


Julie said...

I adore the air with that chlll. Go on - stay! You know you WANT to!!

Joan Elizabeth said...

I can see why you want to stay ... gosh the mountains are going to be a let down after this.

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