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Wednesday, March 03, 2010


I have no idea what it is in our psyche that makes us leave one of the best beaches in the country, to drive two and a half thousand kilometres across the centre to get to another beach, just so we can drive back another four thousand kilometres along the coastline to get home, visiting hundreds more beaches.
Whatever it is, much as we love the bush, as soon as we found the water we felt that our journey had come to an end.  
The travelling is over, now the touring begins.  Four days to get here, four weeks to get home.


Joan Elizabeth said...

But I am so glad you intend to get over your love of the sea to visit this bush town on the way back.

I always get that I'm at home feeling when I see hills and forest.

Julie said...

For me nothing tops the steady beat of the heart of a city.

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