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Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Horsham is probably a wonderful place, when it's not blowing a gale and getting close to chilly on the second day of Autumn.  Driving ever southward today, we meandered through red gum country, and the colours in some parrots that we disturbed actually seemed to be inspired by sunset last night in the caravan park!
We had another lesson in random navigation, this time by hitting the "shortest route" button on the GPS, and following it faithfully just for fun.
At one point it took us off the road, down a track which became barely discernible in the bush, through a creek, and in four wheel drive by now, up the other bank across a Go Kart track!  No one said we shouldn't be there, so we followed the girl in the dashboard's directions past some tyre barriers onto a Motor Racing Hill Climb Circuit, turned left near the top, and suddenly we were back on our way.
We'll be doing that more often.

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