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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Taking Flight

I've always wanted to get a photograph of a pelican taking off over water at sunset, and last night I got my chance at Mallacoota as we sat watching fireworks in pastels from the comfort of our tent.

It was a day of strangely pastel fireworks in real life as well.  We've barely moved from the shade of the awning, chatting for hours with a charming young German couple, interspersed with calls from our people talking to their people.   If all goes well, (and why would it?) we may even have a contract in a week or so.

We think we'll hang around here for another day, then perhaps we too will fly off into the sunset.


Julie said...

Oh golly, Pierre ... golly.

cara said...

WOW! if you don't print that out and frame it, you are doing yourself and others a disservice.

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