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Monday, March 01, 2010

Hay Days

Hay today gone tomorrow.  When we lived in bayside Brisbane we used to shudder at the very thought of spending our golden years in a retirement place called Pleasantville, which was just up the road a bit, and then a movie was made about a place of the same name giving it some legitimacy.  Pleasantville was usurped as the worst address for us in the world yesterday when we found "Hay Days" Retirement Village in Hay.
Even the emus were running away from the shocking puns that followed.



Joan Elizabeth said...

I jealous ... you're out on the Hay Plains.

Julie said...

here is a lot of potential hay in that there paddock!

With the gentle rain that falleth on Sydney this week, the growth during autumn with be overwhelming. I hope out west shares in at least some of the bounty.

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