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Saturday, March 20, 2010

We didn't get back to the tent until this morning, (curse you internet dating friends!) and we didn't make up our mind whether to stay or to go until quite late in the morning,  and once we'd packed well we drank coffee and ate cake until it was this afternoon (curse you too, camping ground friends!) but with the forecast suggesting that precipitation may be apon us in a day or two, we really felt that it might be smart to get a few hundred kilometres under our tyres.

The smoke was still around too, which probably encouraged us to keep driving, but we made mental notes about every ten minutes between Marimbula and Batemans Bay about having to come back and spend more time next time.

Poor old Marimbula missed out on a photograph, which it probably deserved, but since it had a nocturnalising effect on us that was never going to happen, but the banksia men that watched over us as we ate our watermelon in Tathra smiled happily for the camera, so all was not lost.

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