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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

A change of pace.
Tuesday 17th July - Waulsort to Anseremme

Everyone here is on holiday and clearly not intent on spending it in a mad three week dash through France, therefore when the little hand was on nine and we started to get the moving itches, we warned Mr Perkins to whisper so as not to disturb a port in which there was nary a sign of movement.

Happily when we arrived in Anseramme there was one place left on the dock, which was exactly the number of places we were looking for and it was just a few tens of metres from the railway station and the kayak hire base, both of which are useful for people wanting to begin a descent a dozen or for those fitter than we, even twenty kilometres upstream.

All of which is how we came to spend a wonderful afternoon gliding beneath chateaus, bouncing over barrages, bumping into the occasional rock, sliding past sheer cliff faces and generally mooching through dense forest in the sort of intimacy that only travelling on a river in the company of four hundred other kayaks can bring.  


DARMICA said...

Good morning
Are you sailing on the river Maas? If you pass through you will arrive in the Netherlands. I live there on the Maas, in Boxmeer. Maybe you'll still come here. Enjoy the beautiful trip.

bitingmidge said...

Hi @DARMICA we are currently on the River Meuse in Belgium which becomes the Maas. We will be in Belgium this year, and to the Netherlands next year so we will look out for you then! Thanks for your good wishes!

Don said...

We had a wonderful time on that kayak trip in Anseramme; us and 400 or so of our closest friends! We were lucky enough to catch the first bus of the day so we could sit below the barrages and watch the show. Good times!


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