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Monday, July 09, 2018

Why it takes so long to go to the shops
Monday 2nd July - Stenay

Sometime in the past week, our orchid turned up its toes, or at least its flowers did, passing away silently from hitherto undiagnosed causes.  Thankfully we found an new orchid which we will call “Mark”, short for mark II, in a not inexpensive florist shop, which had apparently received the odd dab of paint and an internet connection and had therefore survived happily it would seem, in the heart of the same village described yesterday.

Apparently a little pink orchid, cheery though it may be by itself, is not enough for our little boat, so the cheeriness gets added to whenever an opportunity presents itself.  While walking to a supermarket a few kilometres from the boat, it is fair to say that so many opportunities abound that it’s a wonder that we are ever able to return in time for tea.

We did though, thankfully in time to enjoy yet another splendid night with Ian and Lynda, swapping lies and charts and course notes  before once again heading in our opposite directions.


Joan Elizabeth said...

A girl after my own heart.

bitingmidge said...

I'm afraid so! 😁

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