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Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Odd Jobs
Monday 25 June - Verdun

We had not intended to stay today.  We were actually hoping to ride on Verdun’s Autonomous Bus, yesterday tick that box and skelter out of here at first light, but we had forgotten that all things automatic in France need their rest as well, and so it is that the bus spends Sundays and Mondays tucked up in its spot in the old market hall, sipping on electricity and doubtless poring over its maps to ready itself for the stresses of the week ahead.

We felt it important that we make the effort, and since the lovely community at Verdun don’t charge anything for the use of their mooring facilities, there was a certain economic sense in staying just where we were.   

In an effort to set an example to the city, we set about making a few repairs on board, nothing that could not be fixed with a bit of tape and a dollop of silicone of course, or perhaps just one more turn of a nut here and there.  Nothing that could not be interrupted by the arrival of yet another Australian boat in port either to add to our ever growing community.   With so many familiar flags now flying in our vicinity, the place was starting to feel very much like the Gardens reach of the Brisbane River.

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