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Monday, July 16, 2018

Small is beautiful
Saturday 14th July - Haybes to Vereux

A float tube is like a giant inflatable pool noodle bent to a horseshoe shape, with a seat slung in the middle.  The pilot presumably wears some sort of garment on the lower half of his body to guard the contents of his trousers against the damp and what must be significant chill, and dons a pair of giant swim fins to propel the contraption.  He then trawls for the biggest fish in the waterway which can often be monster things with big mouths and long rows of teeth.

One can only guess at the adrenaline rush that actually hooking a sizeable creature would bring, but presumably it’s akin to arriving in a port to find that the only space available to fit one’s ten-point-four metre boat in, is actually ten-point-six metres long.   At that moment, one actually lusts after a craft the size of a float tube forgetting that there may well be other disadvantages to long term cruising in one. 

By the combination of skill, dexterity, experience and scaring the owners of the adjoining boats into perhaps lending a hand, we managed to snug ourselves in for the night, exactly beside one of the busiest hot chip vans we have seen to date.   Perhaps in our float tube fantasy we may have caught a fish to go with a large serving of hot chips and our lives may very well have been even more complete!

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