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Monday, July 09, 2018

Twists and turns.
Wednesday 3rd July - Mouzon to Lumes

We gave Sedan a bit of a swerve.  Last time we visited, we found that city “quite interesting”, in a “tired but possibly not happy” kind of way.  We have heard nothing since to indicate that it’s cheered itself up, in fact we’ve heard quite enough to conclude that it probably hasn’t, so passed the turn we went,  as though it wasn’t there.

It should be noted that there is a limit to how big a swerve one can take in a river of limited width, but as the river by now is a wildly meandering thing, a little swerving goes mostly unnoticed among fellow navigators. Thus we continued into the early afternoon until we reached the little spot we’d marked just outside of Charleville-Mèziéres

The mooring at Lumes somehow seems to be overlooked by pretty much everyone in the rush to be somewhere else.  A few like minded individuals deigned to stop in this leafy little place, leaving just enough room between us for even the largest of private ships.  We settled in to a satisfying afternoon of peaceful seclusion interrupted only by the shouts and cheers as play continued on the football oval right beside us between the crackling of lightning as thunder storms passed over until well into the evening.

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