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Tuesday, July 03, 2018

We have seen the future.
Wednesday 27 June - Verdun

It’s slow admittedly, and it’s a little bit creepy too, but it is the way of the future, no more a product of science fiction or futurists wild imaginings.

Obviously refreshed after it’s weekend off, the little bus seemed quite cheery, magically stopping to pick us up, heading off when we were safely aboard and departing (when it was safe to do so).  Astonishingly it watched and went around a car which baulked while leaving a parking spot, gently but firmly asserting itself when another tried to cut in, stoppping for cyclists and pedestrians and eventually deposited ourselves back where we had begun.   There’s an operator on board to ensure that passengers don’t run riot, and to turn on the lights at roundabouts to overcome the built in politeness which would leave it stalled forever calling “after you”, but we left it in no doubt that we have seen the future and the future is happening earlier than perhaps we thought it might.

Midnight happened earlier than we thought it might as well, and although we were very tempted to remain in the present company for just one more day, we returned to our little boat steadfast in our resolve to depart in the morning.

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