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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Wot no chocolate?.
Monday 16th July - Givet to Waulsort

We almost stayed in Givet for a bit longer, but then quite suddenly, we didn’t.  We decided instead to move on in search of shade, because that’s what one does when the days are on the upper end of the temperature scale.  

We found it too, a dozen kilometres away albeit in an entirely different country, in a little village where the moorings have been built on the opposite side of the river to the town itself. While it’s a little unclear if the intention was to keep the messy boaties away from the villagers, or the messy villagers away from the boaties, it’s an arrangement that seems to work well for both parties.

Whenever the twain is required to meet, for instance when a boat load of people hear the siren call of a waterfront cafe yonder, there’s a little punt with an interconnecting cable that the manager of the port pulls across the river by hand in the time proven manner.   Not having heard that siren call, we didn’t see the need to leave our shade today even when we walked.  All of that chocolate and waffle and lace and beer that we have been led to believe is in Belgium will just have to wait for a time when the weather is less clement.


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