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Monday, July 16, 2018

There’s no point in us getting older if we don’t get wiser..
Friday 13th July - Fumay

Having spent the day yesterday generally tidying the town and hanging around with Kris and Gil the happy folk moored behind us, we thought it best to call a lay day today in preparation for what may have turned out to have been a big night of National Day Eve celebration.

Since they seemed happy with our normal laissez-faire approach to things, the plan for the night was set: We’d wander off to the big tent on the wondrously named “Boulodrome” to find a bite to eat, then we’d watch the light parade before hanging around for the Rolling Stones tribute band who were apparently going to play the entire “Sticky Fingers” album, followed perhaps by a spot of fireworks.

The food thing turned out to be tomorrow and by reservation only, so we ate on our boat while the thunderstorm rained on the parade, which did it’s best but turned out to be half a dozen firemen with just flaming torches and a few by then over-tired little kids whose parents were carrying their lanterns for them.  We all looked askance at each other (because we couldn’t hear a thing over the pre-concert music) and gave each other that nod, which turned out to mean “Let’s give this a miss, and listen to the fireworks while tucked up in bed.”

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