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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Doing our bit.
Thursday 12th July - Fumay to Haybes

Some might suggest that we could have cycled to Haybes faster than it took to untie the boat, and who would we be to argue with them.  Although three kilometres is not the shortest distance we’ve travelled in a day, this journey made longer because we had to travel on the outside of the curve relative to the cycle path, it does make for a fairly relaxed breakfast cruise albeit without time for a second coffee. 

There’s a noticeable tidiness about the towns we have been visiting lately, a sure indication that we are nearing a border.  At the top of those hills just a few hundred metres away lies Belgium, and there’s obviously some sort of genetic overspray that carries down the valley on the river mist which causes a cleaning and tidying fervour from time to time and perhaps a desire to keep things that way.  Twice in two days we’ve noticed paving being pressure washed for instance.  

Every now and then we come across vestiges of that delightful French lack of order, and sometimes when we do,  for instance when passing those tiny “free library” stations it is impossible to restrain the one in our midst who values tidiness above all else. Taking it upon herself to ensure that the contents are straightened and sorted if not catalogued into a state more in keeping with the tidiness of their surrounds is a certain sign that she is feeling more at home as each day goes by.  

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