Legends from our own lunchtimes

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The view from the living room.
Saturday 7th July - Monthermé

We had planned to move on today to catch up with Denise and Anthony, but since the two day music festival being held beside their mooring proved to be louder and of an entirely unsuitable genre for quiet contemplation let alone sleep, they decided they’d come to us instead.

We looked around for a bit, thought “we can cope with being here another day”, cranked our roof open and went back to reading our books until they arrived.

Then, well then I am guessing that to an outsider our boat may well have resembled the streets scenes after France’s win yesterday, only without the flags and dancing.  Or the car horns.  Or the mad cheering.  Actually it probably didn’t resemble those scenes at all, but the four of us did share rather a long and pleasant evening chatting without any of us coming up for air, and not too many of our neighbours seemed to be disrupted.

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