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Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Sunday in Verdun
Sunday 24 June - Verdun

The small consolation we drew from Tim and Marianne’s departure was a place against the quay!  Moving in to our own little spot of pontoon may well have been the highlight of our Sunday in Verdun had it not been for a succession of happy social accidents.

We had, for instance been invited to inspect progress on Andrew’s barge fitout, which turned into a rather lengthy chat over a lemon-ginger tea before becoming a full blown conversation in Peter and Ellen’s wheelhouse.  An interlude with Kurt and Judith spotted sunning themselves in a port-side café on our interminable wander back to our boat meant that when it came, lunch was taken at a time when most sensible people were thinking about dinner.

It seems that it’s not hard to fill in a lazy Sunday in Verdun, although were one ever to be stuck for something to do, one could always dress to match the flowers and find a step or two on which to idle. 

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