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Monday, July 30, 2018

Change is in the air.
Saturday 28th July - Namur to Auvelais

Now here’s the thing: three A.M. is six hours, give or take, after sunset and three before sunrise. In his still sleeping state while en route for a wee look-around at that time, one of us thought “the edge of the storm looks pretty cool”, fumbled with the camera and went back to bed without more than half-opening one eye, nor giving any thought to why the sky below the cloud should have been that colour until much later, co-incidentally perhaps on the evening of a “blood moon”.  Had the moon dissolved?

While today’s journey was not one of great interest or beauty and we had had plenty of warning that there’d be no scenery to enjoy for a day or two it was pleasant enough.  Those who enjoy travelling in a vast concrete and stone gutters edged in forest with the occasional spot of heavy industry while being blasted by serious puffs of wind and dodging giant ships would have been enamoured.  The notable absence of a heavy downpour was something of a highlight.

It’s pretty clear that the transition from the natural beauty of the river and the declining industrial environment which we know is to come is quite a sudden one.  In a metaphorical sense we can’t help but get the feeling we watching the edge of a storm.


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