Legends from our own lunchtimes

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

With the chance of a thunderstorm.
Thursday 5th July - Lumes to Charleville-Mèziéres

We planned to take lunch in one of the cafe’s downtown in Charleville, but as we reconnoitred the menus on offer, our desire to partake declined in direct proportion to the heat of the noon-day sun and the amount of smoke and electronic vape in the immediate vicinity.  Sometimes, outdoor dining can be a less than pleasant experience for those of us not seeking to add further to our carcinoma count, nor to breath the fumes of someone else’s smokey exhalation.

While passing a baker’s window, an immediate solution presented itself and we repaired to the comfort of our little floating home laden with fresh bread and a modicum of promisingly sweet sticky stuff, one of us having given an undertaking to return with the other while she pursued a recreational activity, something she calls “shopping”, when our luncheon had been completed.

In the very short space of time it took to consume our goodies, the sun had disappeared, to be replaced by a sky filled with obvious intent.  Clearly it would have been very smart to amend our plan for the afternoon entirely.  One of us completely undeterred, turned as she walked towards the door and asked: “Should we take an umbrella?”


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