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Monday, July 09, 2018

Tuesday 3rd July - Stenay to Mouzon

Oh yawn!  Here were we thinking “we can’t use that photo” it’s just another snap of a thousand year old cathedral through just another thousand year old city gate, and then we remembered what a novelty it once was for us to discover that “old” is not anything made before 1982.  

Mouzon is the perfect village to remind oneself of that, with it’s ancient gardens and ancient abbey and ancient walls and it’s ancient craft and felt museum, but seriously we’ve seen all that before and while we are not for one second taking all this old stuff for granted, nor the life we have invented that enables us to just pop in to visit beautiful places such as this on not much more than a whim, the bakeries here are splendid.

Perhaps the only thing better than exploring ancient monuments, is exploring ancient monuments with the tang of a lemon tart resting lightly on one’s breath, accompanied perhaps, by the faintest smudge of icing sugar on the corner of one’s mouth, but really, who wants to see a photo of a lemon tart?


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