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Sunday, July 08, 2018

Footy Fever.
Friday 29 June - Vacherauville to Consenvoye

There’s not much to do in Consenvoye on a Sunday.  

This was Friday though and there was less on offer than one would expect on a Sunday, when at least the after-dinner strollers would appear. One could perhaps be excused for thinking that there may be more to see in the village centre, but the village has no centre.  Perhaps everyone was resting in preparation for tomorrow, for tomorrow is the big one, or at least the first of the big ones, when France plays Argentina in the first knockout match of the Football World Cup.  

There is a bit of a colourful spinoff to all this inactivity though.  Many houses and public buildings are decorated with flags and bunting.  Some even have flower displays in appropriate colours bringing buildings to life where otherwise none is visible.  

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