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Friday, July 20, 2018

Don’t use the postcard shot on the first day.
Thursday 19th July - Anseremme to Dinant

“Don’t use the postcard shot, there’s probably a better light coming just before sunset.  Don’t use the postcard… Don’t… Aargh!!” he said talking to himself,as the excitement of his new surrounds got the better of him.

The trick when moving on, is to time ones arrival at the next port before any of the places vacated that morning have been filled.  Thus it was that with just two moorings for small boat on the opposite bank, to the town port.  Those would be the ones with afternoon sun behind and the view of everything one comes here to see, one of them was vacant, with our name on it.

This of course ruined any chance of doing anything productive today, as we alternated between staring out of the windows and pinching ourselves. Eventually we tired of the view sufficiently to actually walk over the bridge and visit some of its component parts.  We even tore ourselves away sufficiently long enough to visit a stunning exhibition of Rembrandt’s ink sketches, but we suspect we may be struggling again to get out and about in the morning.  Perhaps the postcard shot is OK, just this once.

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