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Monday, July 09, 2018

For Sale. Suit Handyman -.
Sunday 1st July - Dun-sur-Meuse to Stenay

In many towns of a particular size, what once were vibrant if not thriving little centres have been displaced by larger if not gigantic “big box” developments on the outskirts of towns.  This is a sad thing for those whose romantic ideal would have them purchasing the daily supplies from an elderly madam with her life’s journey writ large on her apron, but not a terribly bad thing for those who want to live in a similar standard to the rest of the western world.

It’s not as though the writing has not been on the wall for some time though, shops now deserted have not felt any love for decades and it’s interesting, although pointless to surmise how the present may have looked for some of those businesses had there been a lick of paint here, a dab of brasso there, and perhaps a high speed internet connection.

There are a few butchers surviving in downtown Dun-sur-Meuse, but there are also a few opportunities that present for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit, combined perhaps with a romantic financial death-wish.

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