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Sunday, August 04, 2019

A Day Off
Monday 8th July - Amiens

Downtown it was as though the city was taking a big deep breath after the weekend, perhaps a little hung over even, but no doubt setting itself for another big week of crowds and music and holiday celebrations, because summer is here and it’s seeping into every corner of the city.

Pop-up playgrounds of astonishing complexity have sprung up, climbing trees and beach volley ball courts have just appeared in places that were only park a day or two ago, accompanied by supervised activities both scheduled and ad hoc for the benefit of holidaying school children, and visiting Australians alike.  In odd little corners of the city, deckchairs are appearing as though the seeds were sown in early spring and it’s taken till now for them to germinate. 

The contrast between the celebration of summer throughout Europe and the almost non existent effort of our own town which derives its living from tourism, could not be more stark.

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