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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

At least it’s not the plague.
Monday 12th August - Gent

It’s not exactly like a hospital, but it’s so quiet that there’s no need at all for one of us to don his hearing aids.  We are both a little spooked by the book we’ve recently read about the spread of the bubonic plague in the middle ages, and take heart from time to time that thus far there is no bleeding from the eyes or nose, so it probably isn’t that.

No-one’s going anywhere any time soon although in between long bouts of sleep, and the odd paracetamol sandwich, one of us quite bizarrely decided she can’t lie around all day and sent the other off with a list of meats and vegetables which she intended to turn into dinner.  The other perhaps sensing an opportunity, or perhaps just a little overwhelmed at being allowed to go into a supermarket unsupervised may well have forgotten that list or at least forgotten to read it.  

“I’m not in the mood for zucchini or cauliflower”, he thought, and she didn’t specify which kind of onion, which made it all a bit hard really, and besides the only carrots on display had green stuff sprouting from the top of them.   The three flavours of grated cheese on the other hand, and the pack of Rochefort, and the cherry tomatoes would go well with those lardons and we already have macaroni on board……


Ian said...

Ahh... Studied Incompetence, a wonderful tool in relationship role management.

Meg said...

Zuchinni is always good anywhere any time especially when there is more than just a little of it. In fact, tons of it is better.

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