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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Next Time
Tuesday 30th July - Don to Lille

The first time we travelled on the stretch of water between Douai and Kortrijk we were quite taken by the beauty that was hidden in plain sight, disguised as heavy industry.  We have not been disappointed in subsequent visits either, except that this time, our ill advised decision to move once again into the face of a building storm front, left us with no time to properly poke around.

Admittedly some don’t seem to experience the same thrill we do as they wander past the giant recycling yards, the steaming conveyors and the crumbling factories. 

Others (like our friend Koos) would admonish us for not allowing ourselves weeks to properly explore every rusted bolt along the way, instead, racing past with one eye on the "road", camera in one hand, wheel in the other hoping to dash off a shot or two to which will leave us wondering what we missed.  There’s always a next time.


Vallypee said...

I LOVE this photo here, but then I expect you’d expect that too since I share Koos’s fascination with rust on everything except boats, where it is to be deplored :)

bitingmidge said...

Even rust on boats is quite nice Val, as long as it's not your boat! 😁

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