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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Thursday 1st August - Kortrijk

They’ve been littering the footpaths of Brisbane for a while, surrounded by an aura of controversy or perhaps debate as to whether they are or aren’t safe or even appropriate means of transport, and just last month, sadly, the first death by electric scooter (although technically it was by double decker bus) occurred in London.  

We noticed the first proliferation of the domesticated versions in Amiens, with numbers of middle-aged suit wearing professionals seeming to prefer them to  cycling as a quick and convenient means of getting around.  In some of the urban areas of France with miles of smooth pavement and bustling cycle ways, they seem to make sense, or at least more sense than those electric uni-wheels that impossibly whisk their riders silently by in an incomrehensible blur.  

In Kortrijk the rental ones are like a plague, admittedly in its dormant stage.  Just how the company which owns them makes a living is a mystery as they sit in large numbers in every square and on every corner forming a sort of trip hazard for the elderly or the careless  (insert roll-eyes emoticon),  while potential customers try to figure out how to get their tiny wheels across the ancient cobbles. 

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