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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

A Lasting Legacy
Thursday 18th July - Corbie

The tourist office suggested that the Post Office at Villers-Bretonneux would be the nearest place we could obtain change to feed the electricity and water machine at our mooring, which seemed a bit odd given the preponderance of bakeries, supermarkets and other facilities in Corbie, which were apparently not in a position to do so, nor was the Post Office here for that matter.

More than just a place to get change though, here is the place where the relationship with our country runs deep indeed.   It is truly astonishing to see the town hall with the usual inscription  "liberty, equality, fraternity” framed by a pair of rampant kangaroos, the Australian flag flying in its forecourt.  The reconstruction of the school was funded by the state of Victoria and each blackboard apparently still bears the inscription "N'oublions jamais l'Australie" (Let us never forget Australia).

For us though, the most poignant reminder of the past horrors was this modern piece of wall art, so clearly inspired by a number of monuments nearby dedicated to the fallen “war horses”. To feel the gratitude for those who were here so clearly conveyed even a century later is quite overwhelming. Their legacy is a huge burden to carry and we can't help but wonder if as a nation we are still equipped to do so.

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