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Sunday, August 04, 2019

What a difference a day makes.
Friday 5th July - Amiens

When we passed through a month ago, Amiens was asleep under a blanket of cloud and chill that felt as though the dregs of winter were going to hang around forever. Even our mooring in front of the English Pub, notorious for the late night shenanigans of its patrons was if not entirely silent, at least quietly subdued.

When we suggested to Anthony, the ever cheery ever helpful controller of river traffic on the Somme, that we might wait until after the weekend before moving “downtown”, he was very quick to suggest that could well be a bit less peaceful there now that the sun is out than perhaps it was on our last visit, and since there is almost no traffic on the river and our little spot opposite his office was quiet and shady to boot, we would be best to think carefully about not moving at all.

We walked around to the other place in the early afternoon where our decision to stay put was firmly vindicated. We were quite amazed at the difference a bit of blue sky can make.  With ten hours or more until evening, the shadows were already seething with bodies intent on not wasting a minute of their weekend, some already no doubt planning new ways of keeping the port awake all night. 

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