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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Kiwis, ducks and letting the good times roll.
Friday 19th July - Corbie

Technically we have a three day limit on our stay in any given spot, and (technically) would have been obliged to move yesterday, harvest or not.

Therefore it was a bit of good fortune really that (technically) we could start the clock again after our move, because Grahame and Aileen were on their way and had we not done so we would have been compelled to stay well beyond our welcome while we caught up with each other’s adventures.

Bill and Mandy turned too and before we could say “anyone for duck?” we were among a flock of Kiwis, bracing ourselves for what would inevitably turn into a three day party.  There’s no sense in fighting the inevitable after all, and besides, we have just a few days until the onset of another serious heatwave, bigger and badder than the last, so we all needed to seriously enjoy the evening cool while we could.

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