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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Early again
Wednesday 31st July - Lille to Kortrijk

We arrived in plenty of time to don the raincoats for the first time in a few months, and thus clad to amble through the centre of town, even lingering over a warm lunch in a heated cafe while wondering why it is that climate change seems to be a daily or even hourly phenomenon.  

We like Lille and we thought yesterday we may stay for a while, but by the time we woke unusually early this morning we had both apparently formed the view in our sleep that we’d like to be wandering the streets of Kortrijk instead.

Perhaps it is a result of all the not-moving we’ve been doing all summer, that we’ve suddenly been overwhelmed by a desire to keep going.  We’ll either work that out of our systems over the next few days, or we’ll be writing our next episode from Gent!

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Vallypee said...

It’s been a funny summer, hasn’t it? But no great complaints as the mix has been good.

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