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Friday, August 09, 2019

A world without colour
Thursday 11th July - Lamotte

Ever since Sunny bequeathed us her orchid as she left on her homeward journey almost a decade ago, we have bought a new one at the beginning of each cruising year, just so that we can watch its flowers slowly fall off over the months that follow.   An annual replacement has become an essential purchase except for one year when in a fit of daring, a bromeliad turned up in its place.  This actually turned out to be a lot harder to kill but we still managed to disfigure it significantly over the course of our summer.

This year for a number of reasons that seem too complicated (or shallow) to reiterate, we never quite got around to procuring our plant for the year, so one of us has contented herself by collecting daily doses of wildflowers from the river bank, making them into posies and placing them in vases in such a way that even the other has to begrudgingly admit that a little extra brightness is added to our lives by their presence.

That was until this morning when we discovered, no doubt under the guise of maintenance, but we suspect in a deliberate effort to curtail this illicit poaching, the river banks had been maliciously slashed leaving them devoid of coloured life.  It is a little early to tell what the impact on the interior of our little boat will be, but we are attempting to keep our chins up.

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