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Monday, August 26, 2019

In train
Sunday 4th August - Kortrijk to Brandenburg

We had to be up so early to catch the first train that we were half way across Belgium before the sun came up.

The leather clad seats and wifi equipped first class carriages that our last minute tickets had bought at a great discount were so comfortable that we would have paid extra for them, as except for the time spent negotiating changes in Brussels, Cologne (although all the signs insisted that we were in Köln), and Berlin we had been sitting in them for far longer than a statutory working day.

Not for the first time in our lives we hopped off a train, (or plane or out of a car), heads spinning, into that wonderful world where conversations that had been in progress more than a year ago, recommenced where they had been left off from four mouths concurrently, each of us unable to believe that it had been more than a few hours since the last time we were together.

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Vallypee said...

What wonderful spontaneity. Belgian trains are great, aren’t they?

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