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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The week that never was.
Friday 9th August - Brandenburg to Kortrijk

Time flies when you are having fun, and we’ve had a lot of fun this week. Consoled only with the thought that that we’d had a wonderful time…. and a wonderful breakfast… and we’d brought sandwiches for lunch instead of returning for that dreadful cold Pizza we’d found in Köln on the way over, we managed to board our train to Berlin and ultimately Kortrijk with barely a tear showing.

As that warm glow of time in company with good friends began to mingle with that of the setting sun and we were nearing “home” once more, one of us began to complain again about “that insect bite”, adding that her whole after-region was feeling numb.

The other of us wondered quietly to himself if that was not an unexpected consequence of sitting on a train for a ten hour stretch, but wisely remained silent.


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Vallypee said...

Ah, I sense the itch becoming a sore spot, figuratively speaking of course.

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