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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Same stuff, different trees.
Wednesday 24th July - Gailly to to Bray-sur-Somme

Bray-sur-Somme according to our rather old chart book, is hidden a few kilometres up a windy bit of the Somme which is badly silted up and not at all navigable.  While mostly we take a good deal of notice of our charts, we were fairly sure we could get there without great risk, and a few careful enquiries did nothing to dissuade us.

Moving made for a pleasant diversion in the heat, and moving through narrow waterways lined with dense forest made it even more pleasurable, slowly of course lest we should come to grief on the shallow bits, which thankfully we did not.

We found a place with shade that we deemed suitable to resume our lolling about and whinging about how hot it was, and after a small orientating stroll, set about doing so for the rest of yet another pleasant albeit too warm for our tastes afternoon.

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Ian said...

Much smarter than us. Our golfer guest induced us into a six km round trip walk up a hill over lunchtime and then we did a four hour cruise and five locks in the afternoon. Crew had to shower between locks to avoid heat exhaustion. Must have been heat-addled!

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