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Sunday, August 04, 2019

Lay Day
Sunday 7th July - Amiens

Last time we were here on a Sunday and we wondered if we could find a reason stop on the way back.   The weather was chilly grey and overcast and the mood of the town seemed to match it as we walked the deserted streets in the middle of the day trying unsuccessfully to find just the merest hint of life.   

That impression could not have been more opposite to the one that the city conveys in summer.  Now there is a palpable buzz, a vibration if you believe the banners, that seems to bounce off the clear blue skiy, which itself seems to glow as if it’s been custom-built just for the town to enjoy.

Even though the centre of town was effectively closed for business, or perhaps in spite of that, everyone seemed to be out and about, convincing us that perhaps we should stay for a few more days to see if we can discover the cause. 

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