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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Saturday 10th August - Kortrijk

That “insect bite” on her hip was starting to annoy both of us, even though there was no sign of it as far as we could see, but it was her hip and she was sure that something was terribly amiss.

The nice man in the tourist office found a doctor who would see us on a Saturday.  The doctor, before agreeing to interrupt his morning cautiously asked about the symptoms and then firmly advised that we should get a taxi to see him immediately.  “Gordelroos”, he said almost immediately upon our arrival, and confirmed it by pointing out the beginning of what he said would become a nasty rash although to our untrained eyes looked more like a pair of mosquito bites. 

 After a good deal of detailed explanation he counselled us to have the prescription filled immediately as the pharmacies would close for the weekend shortly, and we might be even more unhappy if we did not.  “Gordelroos” is known as shingles in our language, and responds best if treatment is commenced early.   Hopefully, all being well, the reconstruction will be no less successful than it was in the town of Kortrijk post-bombing, and if we are in time with the medication, the damage will be less severe on the way through too.

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Vallypee said...

Wow, now that I wasn’t expecting! Poor Jo!

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