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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Forty Two
Thursday 25th July - Bray-sur-Somme

This must be how lobsters feel, puzzled as they slowly come to the boil.  It all looks cool enough, yet on board the boat things are running well into the forties.  We are therefore not on board the boat.

The little supermarket in the village is air conditioned, and we did give a brief thought to painting our fingernails in multi colours to disguise ourselves as a packet of M&Ms in the hope of hiding out there for the day, settling instead to linger while choosing which ice block would last the longest on the walk back.

There we were, lying on our cushions doing not much at all for the fourth successive day of uncomfortable temperature, dreaming of the promise of the cool change, jeans, jumpers and wet weather which apparently the morrow will bring.

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