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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

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Monday 5th August - Brandenburg

We spent last evening inspecting all the nooks and crannies on “Sommerwind” the boat that Jørn and Birgit accidentally bought while on their way to see us last year, and rated it very highly indeed. This morning they thought we might take a little cruise around Brandenburg.   After that they said, with a good deal of enthusiasm, we would walk around the town centre and visit a wonderful tea house with a little terrace right on the water, where we could take our afternoon refreshment.

Brandenburg by water is unsurprisingly not like any of the places we had been before, with its eclectic mix of inner city waterfront holiday shacks from “former times” and modern loft conversions and waterfront apartments all on a very splendid and quite busy waterway. Impressive though that little cruise was, the thought of those refreshments ensured that we were back in our dock in time to do some exploring on foot in the vicinity of that teahouse.

Unaccustomed to travelling with us, our Danish friends seemed taken aback when on arriving at said teahouse we were greeted by one of those familiar little signs.  This one quietly proclaimed that no one was home and perhaps we should try again after Wednesday.  In the meantime, we assuaged our disappointment at one of those particularly Germanic ice cream cafes, where even the smallest serve confirms the country’s unofficial motto:  “Too much ice cream is barely enough”.

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Vallypee said...

A cruise away from your cruise. What fun. I’d love to see more photos of Brandenburg!

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