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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Of days gone by.
Tuesday 6th August - Brandenburg

There’s no point in staying on a boat if you don’t do nothing for a time, and we have heard it said that the lakes in this part of the world are without peer for that particular occupation.  

In truth we found it a little disorienting.  The resemblance to some of the cruising grounds of our earlier days half a world away was uncanny, and as we sat at anchor a hundred metres or so from the shore, slowly rotating with the world instead of letting it rush by, we couldn’t shake the feeling that we had turned back the clock to by almost half a century.   

The lakes and waterways are everything their reputation holds them to be, and they will remain on our list of places which we must visit again in the event that we live long enough to do so.

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Vallypee said...

Well, that looks lovely, but where is it? As I tell my students, context is everything ;)

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