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Monday, August 26, 2019

Time to play
Saturday 3rd August - Kortrijk

We’d been wondering what to do to overcome the incessant urge we've developed of late, to constantly  be on move, when we received a note from Jørn and Birgit kindly extending an invitation for us to inspect their new boat.   

Since their new boat is moored only a couple of countries and four connecting trains away, immediately set about sorting a few small logistical things, which is shorthand for: “we bought the tickets”.  

Then began to think about what we needed to do in order to leave tomorrow, but the more we thought about it the fewer things needed doing, so by the end of the afternoon’s thought everything seemed to be quite ready for us to depart first thing in the morning.

1 comment

Vallypee said...

Well, that was good foresight! To be settled in Kortrijk for a bit!

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